Milli Annos

by Shardana

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Echoes 07:15
Echoes Face down on my knees Stabbed by your words A name carved in flesh Not mine, and it will never be Keep me tied At your stake Spit your hate I will stand Incorruptible I met people Like you before Piece by piece You took it And claimed it yours But that name Oh, I curse you! Oh, that name Will never be mine Drown me on the river And let me freeze My last breath I'll keep it for myself I see you clearly, now For what you are An empty shell Try to remember And don't blame me You crossed my fate I pierced your soul Blackness leads To eternal freedom And all my promises Seems so empty now Find me in this void I carved But you'll never know why Keep me tied At your stake Spit your hate I will stand Incorruptible And then, you see You see a sycamore And you’re carrying me Trying to… trying to hang me there I met people Like you before Piece by piece You took it And claimed it yours You crossed my fate... I followed the signs Sang the stories Of a land Still not born Until now Leave me here Dressed in blood My broken voice is still there Beneath the trees If you can hear it Carrying for us And then you speak to me And inject me Your whispers To cloud my mind And forget all of them I know they're Blaming themselves You crossed my fate...
Bastard blood Miles and miles you walked Through the quicksands Searching for the meaning Staring at the sun endlessly And then... ...then you fall into them We came from a distant past Our roots eradicated Who am I? Hollow and silent Under a sun that burns We dig So hollow and silent In this desert of memories We started fighting Against the shadows Faces I should recognize Pride in their eyes, but so afraid Of a dead past grinded by teeth We dig Blood on my hands Mine or yours Won't heal this land Will you rise the flag of your people Even if it has the colors of the conqueror? Will you unearth the old banners of your land Even if it's stained with the blood of its children? We are the corrupted Cursed by shame We are not afraid of the light We dig From below We dig Drink our bastard blood Our blood is not pure, But has no weakness The strength of so many men The only roots that matter depends on you Years of war Inside your head If there is a right path to follow It will be revealed So we dig - hollow and silent In this desert of memories We dig but we will never find Now I know - that path is not here We dig Blood on my hands Mine or yours Won't heal this land Will you rise...
A World With No Gods They're closing the sky, And all that we hear the distant echo of the gate A tide of shadow Of pure nothingness Like before the awake And then we grew up But something went wrong And no one speaks up the truth Now they are gone But you can still hear Their chant is strong in their dreams Thousand raising hands To beg forgiveness But no answers will come So we learnt To live without them A world with no gods It is my fate To carry on this foolish game To fulfil the path of the wise My eyes are blind Will my broken wings Ever touch the wind? I'm too old too old to ascend A place with no reason to exist Forgotten and left alone A world with no gods A world with no... GODS Come back Back Come Back
S’Arruina De Is Deus Guvernais su mundu Faccis mudas ca si castianta Esti su tempu puru po bosatrus Su soli anta a scallai fintzas sa pedra Serrai totus is tempius Mai prus ant’a pappai sa petza nosta S’olvidu sa sorti de bosu Is crepadura, is corpus Esti sa beridadi chi scorrovonara Arruei! Seis pruini asutta ‘e issu Gosais! Su deu soli esti arribau Lassais is piramidis E is arroris a intru Scarescei custu dimonius scrovaus Issu s’esti pesau Arruei!... “A Sa moti mia, ita ata a arribai De totu custu Intendu ancora de atesu S’ecu de sos mannos arrui, domaus” Gosai de su soli, is manus de Aton A pitzus de bosu Deu seu s’unicu bandidori suu, Is ogus mius ddu cicanta, ma invanu A sa moti mia Ita chi apu… chi apu sballiau? Arruei!...
Tanit 04:18
Tanit I Rise from the depths of this madness Awaiting years to eat you Alive Forget Yourself Forget your fears and dreams Embrace the blue that devours all Children of future With no tomorrow at hand All is lost in this land of sorrow, and gone Nothing to lose In this fortress without walls Enjoy this melody of the insane Fear - The Messiah Madness - The Holy Father Silent song of the dead Fear - The Messiah Madness - The Holy Father Silent song of the dead In The Womb of the earth Under the ground where men crawl The stench of death invades your mind And there you are At the gates of your desperate freedom Unlock the prison of the elder queen of pleasure and pain Fear... No more war No more suffering All that remains is me You’ll feel it all you’ll never be awake This nightmare will go on And on
Bellum Sardum Totus in paris fradis Et a sa fini eus a essi liberus, et aici sa terra nosta Eus a andai a Caralis A tirai cussas peddis dde sa petza S’ant'a fuiri cun sa coa in is peis Is dimonios ant'a tzerriai GHERRA! Esti sa bia SANGUNI! Su binu chi eus'a bufai LIBERTADI! C’eus'a poni milli annos Ma a sa fini, at'essi nosta! Dimonios! No potzu aspetai Genti chi no cumprendit Ta boli nai essi Presoneri In sa domu tua, Esti arribau su tempu de si movi Dde su monti no si biri aggiudu Intendiu ggiai is itzerrius a palas GHERRA… Accutzais is spadas Su pater de totus esti con nosu Po meda annos eus biviu cun custas carenas No eus'a morri cun issas Poita sa... GHERRA…
Josto 06:41
Josto Biu s’altanera A su orizonti Oberri is alas Determinada E a suta is lupus, prontus Fraghendi sa preda Ma su fragu esti un’atru is sribonis currinti Arriendi et serchendi Et su pranu arrespundit S’arrubiu cuara su xelu Ca parit su tramuntu Et su serpenti - bennit Cuau in is perdas Intendu is ispiras Istringi su zugu Ti pregu Babbu miu Abarra cun mei is nues a pitz'e mei sempri prus grai Itzerriaddus Frastimmadus Po donia frarit a terra Dexi romanus Anta a sighiri Cummenti is atrus Is spadas cun mei! Custu esti po' Cornus! Asuta is corpusu Is spadas s’arroganta in custu mare de pruini deu seu entu Melquart guidami su coru prenu de vendetta! et apu lassau totu a palasa custu momentu de vittoria Ti biu omini ‘e ferru Seu acanta a tui Ma su serpenti Scopiat in su coru Custu verenu deu ddu conosciu Da totu… da totu sa vida Melquart guidami su coru prenu de vendetta! Apu lassau totu a palasa Totu perdiu, po sempri Et su serpenti…
Reus Pater 05:57
Reus Pater Pedra frida su rumore dde una leggera proina Chi serru is ogus Mi Potzu casi appaxiai Ma candu dus torru a oberri… Tzerriu totu Is allumingius ca scìu Pater! Baal! Marte! Fueddus vanus cumenti sa vida Mi beniri a conca Sa macca irea de su biaxi Et unu striori mi pigat Mentras su xelu mi bistiri cun caritzas infustas Si setzi a faci ‘e pari Manus piticas e nieddas S’abba infundit sa conca Ma bessit de is ogus sbuius, a pagu pagu Candu no benit nisciunus Arribu deu Smurza cun mei Ti srebinti is fortzas Ti srebinti is fortzas po morri! Caccia Totu sa bida da is corpus Bolu intendi su allumingiu miu Oberri Sa brenti con is unghittas mia Oi Ses prontu po arriciri filu tuu Mi Beniri a Conca Sa macca irea de su biaxi Et unu strior mi pigat Mentras su xelu, su xelu arruit E sa terra, oh sa terra mia Lassami Lassami dromi, senz’e sonnus, In paxi
Inghitzu 05:06
Inghitzu No Potzu Crei Ca totu custu no esti serbiu a nudda Seus inòi Po unit s'arregodu cun issus Po ddu onai... ...a cussus chi anta a beni Su sanguni tzerriat disisperau Is scadenas scorrovonanta sa petza Et su dolori arrogat s'arrexioni Liberadì – Oberri sa menti! Liberadì – Et Abbratza su mundu! No depeus prusu ghèttai sanguni Sa terra no iat at bufai po sempiri E intzaras iat at allupai in s'odiu mudu Castiadì agoa, et ascurta is oròztionis nostras Oberri una bia noa No lassisti sa terra bessiri arena No lassisti su sanguni bessiri verenu No lassisti sa storia bessiri silenztiu No lassisti su fogu morri cun mei!


Brand new album featuring nine tracks of blackened epic metal with a pagan twist.


released October 9, 2020


all rights reserved



Shardana Cagliari, Italy

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